sundays 163

Pannonic ambiance with pragmatism

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Sat 24.09.2005, 08:45-19:30

sundays 163
© Rupert Steiner / Weingut Hillinger

On the pulse of epicurean wine tasting, wine lovers will find it easy to linger here. In Höpler’s wine rooms the curious can hone their taste buds and learn more about the phenomenon wine. Everything is A-OK in Pittnauer’s simple and beautiful functional building by the architects AllesWirdGut. And it gets even better, in the tried and true “triple generation jump” of Burgenland. An echo of dark berried fruitiness.

163-01 Höpler’s Wine Rooms, Winden: Christof Höpler, 2004
163-02 Hillinger Winery, Jois: gerner°gerner plus, 2004
163-03 Weinwerk Burgenland in the haus im puls, Neusiedl am See: Halbritter&Hillerbrand, 2003
163-04 Restaurant “Mole West,” Neusiedl am See: Halbritter&Hillerbrand, 2004
163-05 Umathum, Frauenkirchen: Martin Promintzer, 2003
163-06 Kracher Winery, Illmitz: Halbritter&Hillerbrand, 2003
163-07 Pittnauer Winery, Gols: Halbritter&Halbritter, AllesWirdGut, 2001-04
163-08 Juris Winery, Gols: Andreas Lang, 2002
163-09 Weinkulturhaus Gols: Eberstaller Co. GmbH, 2003

Ticket price includes lunch (beverages not included) at the restaurant “Mole West“ and wine tasting. Maximum number of participants: 30.

Meeting time + place: Saturday, 8:45 am Az W driveway / departure: 9:00 am / return: 7:30 pm
Tickets EU 64.00 (students EUR 58.00)
Architects + vintners
Tour guide: Marion Kuzmany