sundays 158

works outing

Sun 01.05.2005, 13:45-18:30

sundays 158
© Gerald Zugmann


* conversion of Austria Tabak GmbH & CO KG, Vienna-Ottakring: henke und schreieck Architekten with gharakhanzadeh sandbichler architekten, 2004
Applied image-improvement and staff motivation techniques are being implemented by Austria Tabak in their existing works premises in Vienna-Ottakring. Architectural interventions such as the transparency of the inner life of the building, planted atria and a new foyer have transformed the worn-out ruin into chic floors of office space.


* MA 48 main workshops, Vienna-Hernals: Caramel, 2004
Caramel have positioned a striking symbol in Vienna-Hernals: The shiny black volume of the MA 48 surprises behind its discrete facade with an ingenious folded roof membrane as courtyard protection and a wonderful view from the large window in the works canteen.


* art for art house, Haringsee: Gerhard Steixner, 2004
Gerhard Steixner’s prototype for an office building for Art for Art combines the “rational beauty of the construction with the natural beauty of the material.”

meeting point: 1.45pm, Az W Shop / departure: 2pm / return: 6.30pm

henke und schreieck
gharakhanzadeh sandbichler architekten
Gerhard Steixner
guided tour: Maria Welzig