sundays 157

a_tour reconstruction

Sun 17.04.2005, 13:45-18:30

sundays 157
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In a context of the exhibition ‘a_show’ at the Az W, sonntags is taking a look at the period of Post-War Reconstruction. The first signs of an optimistic approach to post-war reconstruction are to be seen in connection with of the Zukunftsprogramm (Future Programme) at the end of the 1940s, for example as expressed in the Gänsehäufel outdoor bathing facility.

A new levity is to be seen in cafés, pavilions and retail outlets, new approaches are tried out in the school and church building sectors, an emerging new generation makes its presence felt that is critical of the building sector functionalism of mass housing. Salient buildings, like the Vienna Ringturm and the Stadthalle support the identity of a new republic in the making, and face the prospect of ‘liberated’ daily life in a period of increased prosperity with confidence.


* Gänsehäufel, Vienna-Donaustadt: Max Fellerer, Eugen Wörle, 1948


* Stadthalle, Vienna-Fünfhaus: Roland Rainer, 1958, 1974;
Halle E: Roland Rainer with Johanna Rainer, 1994;
Neue Halle: Dietrich | Untertrifaller Architekten, 2005


* girls’ hostel for the AK Wien, Vienna-Wieden: Carl Auböck, 1960; library at the AK Wien

meeting point 1.45pm, Az W Shop / departure: 2pm / return: 6.30pm

architects, experts:
Bruno Maldoner (conservation authorities)
Wolfgang Holzhacker
Much Untertrifaller
Herwig Jobst (AK Wien library)
guided tour: Iris Meder