sundays 153

legendary furniture

Sun 12.12.2004, 13:45-23:59

sundays 153
© Bauhaus-Archiv Berlin

Today, “Bauhaus” has become a term that defines an era, a legend reaching far beyond its origins. No other workshop has influenced the image of the Bauhaus school as profoundly as the Möbelwerkstatt (literally: furniture workshop). The “classics of modernity” by Marcel Breuer or Mies van der Rohe are identified with Bauhaus, whether they originated from it or not.

In the exhibition, the most important pieces of the Berlin Bauhaus-Archive Collection and highlights on loan from private collections are on display: chairs, tables, beds and armoires by Bauhaus architects and designers. In addition, the contemporary context and the original clients are topics which are addressed in the exhibition, creating a differentiated “time capsule” of the era of Bauhaus design.

Exhibition “Bauhaus-Furniture. Investigating a Legend” / Imperial Furniture Collection.

Meeting point: 1.45 pm Imperial Furniture Collection, Vienna 7th district, Andreasgasse 7

Tour guide: Ilsebill Barta, curator of the exhibition