sundays 152

mixed reality 2… design for communication

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Sun 05.12.2004, 11:45-18:00

sundays 152
© T-Mobile Austria GmbH

The lifestyle of the “Jetsons” or the “Futurama” has long been transported from a comic book planet to Vienna. sundays will savor futuristic ambiance in a high-tech luxury apartment above the roofs of Vienna, shops with the “ghost cell phone” and provides insight into the world of futuristic – but no longer utopian – gadgets of the highest order in this exclusive computerized home.

Vienna’s most spectacular horizontally slanted office building boasts interesting lounges and shops and demonstrates how space was created for an abstract, invisible and yet omnipresent “communication” network. The way in which the resulting fast-paced demands on the design were applied in the building phase is a further focus of the tour.


* T-Center St. Marx, Wien Landstraße: Architektur Consult ZT GmbH, 2004


* a1 lounge, Vienna 6th district: EOOS, 2004


* one smart space, Vienna 1st district: eisvogel, 2003


* T-Mobile Future House, Vienna 1st district: Atelier 21, 2003

Meeting point: 12:15 pm Architekturzentrum Wien – Shop / departure: 12:30 pm / on foot from Börseplatz to Spiegelgasse / end 6:00 pm Spiegelgasse

Architects, experts:

* Thomas Schwed (Architektur Consult ZT GmbH)
* Markus Naczinsky (T-Mobile Austria GmbH
* Markus Eiblmayr (:3C! vidision)
* Fabian Sigl (mobilkom Austria AG & Co KG)
* eisvogl
* Florian Pollack, Martin Sirlinger (ONE Gmbh)
* Atelier 21
* Ulrike Kühlberger (T-Mobile Austria GmbH)

Dead line for registration 11/22/04
Tour Guide: Oliver Schürer