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home looks like this (VI) … in Lower Austria

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Sun 17.10.2004, 13:45-18:00

sundays 149
© Eduard Hueber

The area south of Vienna is not at all boring – many a hidden gem is tucked away in an unlikely and seemingly humdrum “wasteland.” Eichinger oder Knechtl rose to the challenge of designing a house for exceptional artists. The result is a creative shelter for a special content – an artwork for artists.

In Pfaffstätten, the walls curl towards the ceiling and back in the unmistakable formal design language of the pool Architektur firm, palpable from each acute to obtuse angle. A noble cuboid, fashioned in one piece, passively soaks up solar energy and radiates coziness.


* Haus am See, Münchendorf: Eichinger oder Knechtl, 2004


* “einöde” (“wasteland”), Pfaffstätten: pool Architektur ZT GmbH, 2002


* Passivhaus Haidvogl, Perchtoldsdorf: Poppe*Prehal, 2003

Meeting point: 1:45 pm Architekturzentrum Wien – Shop / departure: 2:00 pm / return 6:00 pm

Architects, experts:
* pool architects
* Manfred Wakolbinger
* Helmut Poppe

Tour Guide: Anneke Essl