sundays 148

factory and image 2

Sun 10.10.2004, 12:45-18:30

sundays 148
© Hertha Hurnaus

A former metal galvanizing factory in Vienna’s 5th district was redesigned as a space for the Vienna Klangforum (an ensemble for contemporary music). The typical 1960s atmosphere was carefully maintained and inventively enhanced.

Three unconventional units were situated on a grassy lot and have a startling effect on their environment. The buildings radiate image: two of them overtly with logos; one of them more subtly with an interesting façade covering of copper bands, which suggest an association with film strips. The custom-made office furniture and kitchen of the Efaflex company remains faithful to the architects’ overall image.

To refuel the curious sunday tourist, we will make a pit stop at the former Imperial train station Laxenburg.


*, Vienna 5th distcrict: lichtblau.wagner, 2004


* Filmarchiv – Filmdepot, Laxenburg: Michael Embacher, 2004


* Kaiserbahnhof Event Center, Laxenburg: Rüdiger Lainer, Werner Silbermayr, 2000


* Efaflex Company, Baden: ARTEC Architects, 2004


* VIT Company, Asperhofen: querkraft architekten, 2004

Ticket price includes coffee and refreshments at the Kaiserbahnhof (Imperial train station) Laxenburg. Beer and saussages will be offered by VIT.

Meeting point: 12:45 pm Architekturzentrum Wien – Shop / departure: 1:00 pm / return 6:30 pm

Architects: lichtblau.wagner / Michael Embacher / ARTEC / querkraft architekten
Tour Guide: Maria Welzig