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Sun 19.09.2004, 13:45-18:15

sundays 146
© Achleitner Archiv Austria

In its second round, the “a_schau” exhibition series has been expanded by several topics concerning Vienna’s political past: Red (Socialist) Vienna, Landscape, Power and Rebuilding. In the early 1930s, a massive sociopolitical decline and an orientation towards the Catholic social doctrine of the Socialist unity party under Engelbert Dollfuss influenced the architectural style. The “patriotic” reconnecting to old Austrian traditions defined the architectural iconography (e.g. Wiener Heldentor – Arch of Heroes).

The new construction of numerous churches became a medium for re-christianisation; the pavilions of the world exhibition and the Biennale represented Austria’s political ideology; the Funkhaus (broadcasting center) in Argentinierstrasse was a symbol for the political dimensions of radio broadcasts.

Following the guided tour through the exhibition “a_schau, 20th and 21st Century Austrian Architecture, 2nd Series” at the Architekturzentrum Wien, sundays will show architeconic examples of Power / Austrofascism (1934-1938):


* Heldendenkmal (Statue of Heroes), Vienna 1st district: Rudolf Wondracek, 1934


* Seipel Dollfuß Church, Vienna 15th district: Clemens Holzmeister, 1934


* Kirche des Friedens (Freedom Church), Vienna 10th district: Robert Kramreiter, 1935


* Funkhaus (Broadcasting Center), Vienna 4th district: C. Holzmeister, H. Schmidt & H. Aichinger, 1939

Meeting point: 1:45 pm Architekturzentrum Wien – Shop / visit of the exhibition at AzW / walk to Heldentor / departure: 3:30 pm Heldendenkmal / return 6:15 pm

Guide of a_schau exhibition: Sonja Pisarik
Tour Guide: Barbara Feller