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Sun 07.03.2004, 13:45-18:30

sundays 138

Vienna – the metropolis without boundaries – once included plans for 39 districts! This, at least, was the scheme of Otto Wagner, senior building surveyor for the Imperial Court, in his urban development study “The City” of 1911.

As a model for the former 22nd district he envisioned an orthogonal construction grid with a central axis. An area coverage of 50% was to yield 30,000 apartments – a living space for 150,000 people. The part of present-day Vienna known as Wienerberg is located within Wagner’s project area.

In the course of the “a_show” exhibition and to start off the new tour season, sundays will embark on a journey through time to revisit 100 years of urban development in Vienna.

“a_show” exhibition, 20th and 21st Century Austrian Architecture Architekturzentrum Wien – Neue Halle (new exhibition hall)

* Wienerberg City, Vienna Favoriten district: Coop Himmelb(l)au, Delugan_Meissl, Atelier 4, Albert Wimmer, Cuno Brullmann &, Gert Mayr-Keber, Günter Lautner, Helmut Wimmer, 2003, 2004

Meeting point: 1:45 pm Architekturzentrum Wien – Shop / visit of the exhibition at AzW / departure 3:00 pm / return 6:30 pm
Tickets: EUR 12.- (students EUR 8.-)

Helmut Holleis (Coop Himmelb(l)au) / Dietmar Feistel (Delugan_Meissl) / Atelier 4 / Albert Wimmer / Marlies Breuss (Cuno Brullmann & / Gert Mayr-Keber / Günter Lautner / Helmut Wimmer

Tour Guides: Maria Welzig, Manfred Schenkel