sundays 136

new focus

Sun 30.11.2003, 13:45-23:59

sundays 136
© Klaus Stattmann

Architecture means to build – but not exclusively. New focus presents new ideas and approaches concerning the architectural frontiers of young architects. The rising discourse about performative space interweaves body politics, urban rituals and the auto-permeation of growing structures in an exciting way.


Studio visit of as_architecture
Vienna Neubau


Studio visit of feld72
Vienna Neubau


around 05:30 pm: lecture by Klaus Stattmann
Vienna Leopoldstadt
at “Fluc”, Praterstern, Wien Nord
around 07:00 pm: “Fluctuated Square”

Meeting time: 1:45 pm at the Az W-Shop
Departure: 2:00 pm / Return: around 05:30 pm at Praterstern, open end at “Fluc”

Architects: as_architecture, feld72, Klaus Stattmann
Tour guide and concept: Oliver Schürer