sundays 135

mixed reality

Sun 23.11.2003, 14:00-23:59

sundays 135
© Martin Skladal

hardware? software? spaceware! sundays navigates between unreal worlds and architectonic constructs: a virtual tour at the Az W.


“cave” presentation / VDX, intercative event at the Az W
The virtual space of the MAK’s (Museum for Applied Arts) DipIn3D-database and examples of information architecture (IEMAR, TU Vienna) will be three-dimensionally presented in a low budget “cave.”


Texture Brush / ATELIER, interactive event at the Az W
With the help of a special model building tool, developed in the course of the EU research project ATELIER, physical architectural models are overlayered with virtual textures – videos, images and graphic design.

On November 19, 2003 the discussion evening “wednesdays 47” will be held at the Az W to accompany sundays 135. Discussion leader and concept: Oliver Schürer.

Meeting time: 2:00 pm at the Az W-Shop

Architects, experts: Peter Ferschin, Michael Lisner, Michael Gervautz, Andreas Rumpfhuber, Ina Wagner
Tour guide and concept: Oliver Schürer