sundays 134

this year, Adolf Loos would have turned 133

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Sun 26.10.2003, 13:45-18:30

sundays 134
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Adolf Loos is arguably the architect with the greatest and longest lasting influence on the Viennese architectural community. Honoring the 70th anniversary of his death, sundays will guide a tour to selected buildings and shops in cooperation with architecture historians Eva B. Ottillinger and August Sarnitz. It is anticipated that all buildings will be open for sundays 134 through their interior space.


* Scheu House
Vienna Hietzing – 1912
Architect: Adolf Loos


* Loos House in the Werkbund Siedlung
Vienna Hietzing – 1930
Architect: Adolf Loos


* Building on Michaelerplatz
CentralVienna – 1909
Architect: Adolf Loos


* Knize Taylor Salon
Central Vienna – 1930
Architect: Adolf Loos

135 –05

* American Bar
Central Vienna – 1908
Architect: Adolf Loos
Architects renovation: Hermann Czech, Burkhardt Rukschcio, 1985

Meeting time: 1:45 pm at the Az W-Shop
Departure: 2:00 pm / Return: 4:30 pm at the Michaelerplatz
Followed by walk through the city, open end evening in the American Bar from 6:30 pm

Tour guides: Eva B. Ottillinger, August Sarnitz