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sundays 133

schöpfwerk – kabelwerk

Sun 19.10.2003, 13:45-18:00

sundays 133

The interesting juxtaposition of two large apartment complexes in Vienna Meidling – one from the 1970s, one still in development, sharing a similar history and similar goals of innovative urban design – shows, among other things, a promising revival of the terraced construction style for apartment buildings.


* Apartment Complex Am Schöpfwerk
Vienna Meidling – 1975
Architect: Victor Hufnagel


* Apartment Building Project KDAG-Gründe
Vienna Meidling
Architects: Hermann & Valentiny, Mascha & Seethaler, pool, Schwalm-Theiss & Gressenbauer, Werkstatt Wien

Meeting time: 1:45 pm at the Az W-Shop
Departure: 2:00 pm / Return: 6:00 pm

Architects: Viktor Hufnagl, Rainer Pirker, Hubert Hermann, Mascha & Seethaler, Christoph Lammerhuber, Georg Schwalm-Theiss, Werkstatt Wien (Heidulf Gerngross), Martin Wurnig
Tour guide: Maria Welzig, Manfred Schenekl