sundays 129

best of Vienna … working and living

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Sun 28.09.2003, 13:45-18:00

sundays 129
© Gisela Erlacher

What is it like to work in a palace on the quai, to live with pool above the roofs of Vienna, and where can one enjoy a cool view of Wienerberg from one’s work space? sundays will give us a taste.


* k47 Zürich Insurance
Central Vienna – 2003
Architects: henke und schreieck Architekten


* mom attic remodel
Vienna Wieden – 2003
Architects: pool


* MediaCom II, Vienna Twin Tower
Vienna Favoriten – 2003
Architect: Karl Langer

Meeting time 1:45 pm at the Az W-Shop
Departure: 2:00 pm / Return: 6:00 pm

Architects: Marta Schreieck, Dieter Henke, Florian Wallnöfer, Ernst Langer
Führung: Maria Welzig