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Sun 21.09.2003, 12:15-22:00

sundays 128
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Ernst Hiesmayr has artfully interwoven the space for Karl Prantl’s monolithic sculptures with Uta Prantl’s airy and colorful paintings at the artists’ residence.

An intriguing tube as an object of art to walk on creates a room-defining boundary and offers new perspectives into the artistic work space.

In Sommerein am Leithagebirge, the exhibition space for the outstanding ceramic artist Maria Biljan-Bilger shows architect Friedrich Kurrent’s unmistakeable touch, visible in the undulating roof with its structural-ornamental brick under-face.


* Atelier Prantl
Pötsching, Burgenland – 1990
Architect: Ernst Hiesmayr


* Blindgänger (Blind Shell) – Art in Public Space,Hof/Leithagebirge, Lower Austria – 1999
Architects: the next ENTERprise


* Maria Biljan-Bilger Exhibition Space
Sommerein, Lower Austria – 2003
Architect: Friedrich Kurrent

Wine and bread will be served at a reception hosted by Friedrich Kurrent.

Meeting time 12:15 p.m. at the Az W-Shop
Departure: 12:30 p.m. / Return: 7:00 p.m.

Architects: Ernst Hiesmayr, the next ENTERprise, Friedrich Kurrent
Artists: Uta Prantl, Karl Prantl
Tour guide: Barbara Achleitner