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sundays 122

2x3 Apartment Buildings

Sun 18.05.2003, 13:45-18:00

sundays 122
© Rüdiger Lainer

* 122-01 Wiedner Hauptstrasse Apartment Building
Vienna – Wieden / Architects: Rüdiger Lainer, s & s Architekten, ARTEC

* 122-02 Linzer Strasse Apartment Building
Vienna – Penzing / Architect: Nasrine Seraji

It is now going to be possible to live amidst greenery on Wiedner Hauptstraße too. Through hanging gardens on facades and planted courtyards via bridges and walkways to reach individual residential areas is the promise of theses 3 architects’ innovative concept. In Penzing, too, international flair is being offered in the form of innovative floor plan solutions for the 3 different buildings of the housing complex.

Departure: 02:00 pm / Return: 06:00 pm

Architects:Rüdiger Lainer, Cornelia Schindler, Rudolf Szedenik, Bettina Götz, Richard Manahl
Tour guide: Michael Diem