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Summer Tour

Summer Tour 2: The Danube Canal 14.09.

Town on the water

Sat 14.09.2013, 15:50-18:00

Summer Tour 2: The Danube Canal 18.05.
© Az W

Starting at Otto Wagner’s Postal Savings Bank (Postsparkasse), this guided tour leads along the Danube Canal, which is lively in the summer. You discover historical milestones, like the Urania, the Ringturm or the Schützenhaus by Otto Wagner, but also contemporary works, such as the Jean Nouvel Tower, the Wien City embarkation point or the k47, and take a glimpse into the future of the centrally situated Schwedenplatz.

Guided tours (in German) take place regardless of weather, with a minimum of 3 participants.

Dates: Sat 18.05 / 15.06 / 13.07 / 10.08. / 14.09

Reservations required: T +43 1 522 31-15 or