Summer Tour

Summer Tour 1: New Architecture 30.08.

New projects large and small along the U2

Fri 30.08.2013, 15:50-18:00

Summer Tour 1: New Architecture 31.05.
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Vienna is constantly changing. This guided tour shows the original controversial concert hall for the Vienna Boys’ Choir and leads to the WU campus, which is just about to open, with a view of impressive projects by big name architects from around the world. Finally, we wind down the summer evening on the cool waters of Viertel Zwei.

Guided tours (in German) take place regardless of weather, with a minimum of 3 participants.

Dates: Fri 31.05 / 28.06 / 26.07 / 30.08 / 27.09

Reservations required: T +43 1 522 31-15 or