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Summer Tour

Summer Tour 1: ARCHITECTURE NEWS 26.07.

From the DC Tower to the Nordbahnhof – new buildings along the U1

Booked up
Sat 26.07.2014, 15:50-18:30

Summer Tour 1: ARCHITECTURE NEWS 03.05.
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Starting with the DC Tower, Austria’s highest building designed by star architect Dominique Perrault, the tour then brings us to “Nordbahnof”. Here well-known architecture practices have created a modern, lively residential district. An exclusive architect guided tour rounds off this outing.

Tour in German, max. 25 persons
Dates: Sat, 03.05. / 31.05. / 28.06. / 26.07. / 23.08.2014

Registration required: +43 1 522 31 15,