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Summer Academy – City tour

part of the Ferienaktion der Kinderfreunde

Mon 18.07.2016 – Fri 22.07.2016

Summer Academy – City tour
© Architekturzentrum Wien

Mon 18.07. – Fri 22.07.2016, 8am – 5pm
Price: € 205 incl. food and drink (ages 6 – 10)

What do we need in a town? Homes, schools, police station, fire fighters, a theatre etc. …And how do we move between these things? Where can we spend time? What do streets, squares, green spaces and playgrounds look like? This week concentration is on how we move through the town. We visit and test playgrounds and think about what improvements could be made. Back at the Az W we start building, but attention to detail is required as we want to have fun discovering the town!

Reservation required: T +43 (0)1 401 2560 or