Studio Visits

As part of the Vienna Art Week

Fri 10.11.2023, 15:00-17:00
Interior with red grid and blue background

Claudia Cavallar with Lukas Lederer, MAK — Museum of Applied Art, renovation of the WCs in 2022
© photograph: Lukas Lederer

Claudia Cavallar and Andreas Rumpfhuber open the doors to their studio. Together with Martin Feiersinger, as a guest, they provide insights into their working methods, which move between design practice, architectural research and art production.

The three Vienna-based architecture offices are participating in the exhibition ‘Hollein Calling. Architectural Dialogues’, where international contemporary architects inspire new reflections on and perspectives of the work of Hans Hollein.

Studio: Claudia Cavallar and Andreas Rumpfhuber, Expanded Design

Guest: Martin Feiersinger

With: Claudia Cavallar, Martin Feiersinger, Andreas Rumpfhuber

Moderated by: Maria Welzig, Az W