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STOP! Waiting for the Bus

Estonian Bus Stops

Thu 11.05.2006 – Mon 29.05.2006
daily 10am-7pm

STOP! Waiting for the Bus
© Markus Steinmair

We spend a great part of our lives waiting (not, however, just for the bus).

Bus stops are not only places that provide shelter from the weather when waiting for a bus, but are also social meeting points and a source of information in the form of a poster and announcement board. They are post office, coffee house, advertising column and a place to sleep all in one. As a piece of street furniture they provide identity in the landscape, whereby each stop tells its own story. The exhibition will show the significance of the bus stop for architecture, the landscape and, above all, its social importance. Through different approaches (photos, film, interviews drawings,) and with the help of post-cards, tourist maps and playing cards, out of anonymous everyday architecture art objects, landmarks and tourist attractions are made.

An exhibition by Markus Steinmair
Curator: Suse Mayer

With the kind support of CÄSAR Bus, arcom, vitra, Bundeskanzleramt/Sektion Kunst und Landesverwaltung Südtirol/Ressort für Familie, Denkmalpflege und deutsche Kultur