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Steiner’s Closing Time: A Film and a Book

Book launch and film screening

Fri 11.11.2016, 19:00-21:00

Steiner’s Closing Time: A Film and a Book
© Andrea Maria Dusl / Dietmar Steiner

Retirement is approaching. Which is why Andrea Maria Dusl has made a very personal auteur movie with Dietmar Steiner, as part of the exhibition ‘At The End: Architecture’. The film ‘Zeitreise – 60 Jahre Architektur – Eine essayistische Intervention’ (journey through time — 60 years of architecture — an essayistic intervention) leads to different locations through his view of the world of architecture. This is compiled in a monumental book with largely unknown texts: Steiner’s Diary – über Architektur seit 1959′ (on architecture since 1959). The book is published by Park Books, edited by Kunstuniversität Linz and designed by Thomas Kussin. The intimate intentions and the principles of making the film and the book will be discussed.


Andrea Maria Dusl, filmmaker
Roland Gnaiger, Head of Architecture, Kunstuniversität Linz
Eva Guttmann, Park Books
Thomas Kussin, book design
Dietmar Steiner, person concerned
Moderation: Christian Seiler, publicist