Panel discussion at the Opening

Stadt des Kindes: A Project Confronts Its History

Supporting programme for the exhibition 'Stadt des Kindes: On A Failed Utopia'

Mon 16.04.2018, 19:00-21:00
Drawing of the outdoor space with building background

Anton Schweighofer, Stadt des Kindes, 1140 Vienna, 1969–1974 Spiel-, Wohnhof (playground & residential courtyard)
© Architekturzentrum Wien Collection

For the Opening of SammlungsLab #2 we pose the question: what became of the lost paradise Stadt des Kindes?

Like many architects of the 1970s, Anton Schweighofer was convinced of the socio-political function of architecture. Stadt des Kindes was an attempt to use architecture as an expression of progressive educational concepts to improve residents’ prospects for the future. We pursue the history of the project with an interdisciplinary panel, and ask ourselves to what extent architecture can be considered to reflect and provide hope for a socio-political shift.


Guest speakers:

Marco Antoniazzi, film director

Christian Kühn, Institute of Architecture and Design, Vienna University of Technology

Anton Schweighofer, architect

Peter Weber, architect

Gudrun Wolfgruber, historian

Moderated by Monika Platzer, Az W