Stadt des Kindes

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Fri 04.05.2018, 15:00-17:00
Außenaufnahme eines Wohnhauses

Die Erweiterung und Sanierung der ursprünglich von Anton Schweighofer geplanten „Stadt des Kindes“ (1974) erfolgte durch Walter Stelzhammer und Peter Weber (2013)
© Rendering: ARWAG

10 years after the partial demolition of this icon from the 1970s and 5 years after the completion of the new housing complex, we direct attention to the renovation and expansion of the former Stadt des Kindes.

In 1974 the complex originally opened as a children’s foster home. Architecturally conceived by Anton Schweighofer, it was regarded as a model project for a new social pedagogy. Its closure in 2002 led to heated discussion on its subsequent use, the possibilities for its conservation and, later, its partial demolition. The architects Walter Stelzhammer and Peter Weber devoted themselves to the complex task of renovating the remaining existing substance and enlarging it as a housing complex.


Tour guides: Walter Stelzhammer, Peter Weber, architects

Moderated by Monika Platzer, curator, Az W