Care + Repair

Consultation Hour with Rosario Talevi

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Mon 10.07.2017, 19:00
People standing in a circle raising one leg and stretching out both arms

Modernism in Use, Marseille/FR, Rosario Talevi mit Urban School Ruhr / Open Raumlabor / Urbane Künste Ruhr, 2016
© Photograph: Gary Hurst/Courtesy of Urban School Ruhr

Through exchanging ideas with local partners six international teams of architects develop Care+ Repair prototypes on raising different questions. This evening´s topic: Infrastructures for the Arts

Rosario Talevi, architect and curator, develops possibilities for the introduction of collective involvement, emancipatory learning and social interaction. She played a key role in the fictive Urban School Ruhr, developed by Raumlabor.

With: Rosario Talevi/Berlin + Hansel Sato/Vienna