Care + Repair

Consultation Hour with Meike Schalk

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Wed 12.07.2017, 19:00
Lesende Frau an einem Tisch

Aktion_Arkiv mit Meike Schalk, Sara Brolund de Carvalho und Helena Mattsson, Tensta konsthall, Stockholm/SE, 2014
© Courtesy Tensta konsthall (Tensta Art Centre)

Through exchanging ideas with local partners six international teams of architects develop Care+ Repair prototypes on raising different questions. This evening´s topic: Caring for Communities

Meike Schalk, Professor at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, engages with issues of participation and communality. In the Modern Tensta housing complex in Stockholm, the Aktion_Arkiv explores a forgotten history through narratives of participation and community spaces.

With: Meike Schalk/Stockholm + Beatrice Stude/Vienna