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Skywalk Spittelau – an Interdisciplinary Bridge-Design Competition

A Presentation of the Projects Submitted to the Competition

Fri 08.04.2005 – Wed 13.04.2005
daily 10am-7pm

Skywalk Spittelau – an Interdisciplinary Bridge-Design Competition

The Skywalk is intended to establish a hazard-free, handicapped-accessible connection for pedestrians and cyclists over the heavily frequented traffic node between the 9th and 19th districts of Vienna, which is on different levels. The Metro lines U4 and U6 should be linked to the south-east peripheral zones of Oberdöbling for pedestrians via the Spittelau station building.

The completion of the Spittelau Skywalk is to provide a significant supplementary link to the city’s network of cycle paths. It is primarily envisaged to also link-up the highly frequented cycle path running along the Donaukanal with existing and planned bicycle routes for the neighbouring District.

The projects submitted to the competition are to be presented to the public in the F3 at the Architekturzentrum Wien.

Instigator: Department MA 29 Brückenbau und Grundbau, in collaboration with Department MA 19 Architektur und Stadtgestaltung