Skyscrapers made of LEGO 29.12.

In the framework of the Wiener Ferienspiel (for 6–10 year olds)

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Mon 29.12.2014, 10:00-12:00

Skyscrapers made of LEGO 29.12.
© Az W

Do you actually know which are the world’s tallest buildings? Or do you know what a paternoster is, or a steel frame building? And how come a 100 metre high building doesn’t simply topple over in a strong wind? You can learn the answer to these and other questions in the Az W; afterwards you can build to sky with LEGO.

Dates: Mon., 29.12. – Wed., 31.12.2014 and Mon., 05.01.2015
from 10am – 12pm

Reservations required for workshop participation: T +43 1 522 31 15 or