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School as a Developmental Space

for Architekturtage TV

Fri 11.06.2021, 16:00-23:00
colourful children's drawing with 2 figures

From: Die 1a Klasse der Mittelschule Schendlingen präsentiert die Ballade vom lieben Augustin, video 2021,
© photograph: Mittelschule Bregenz Schendlingen

The Az W series Bread & Roses asks, with the Corona Crisis as the background, what we need for a good life, and dedicates the third event in the series to schools. Experts in the fields of architecture, pedagogy and neurobiology shed light on the issue of the free development of young people and the role architecture plays here.

The architect Hemma Fasch considers the significance of ‘Freedom’, based on the example set by her prize-winning school building in Seestadt Aspern. The neurobiologist Gerald Hüther also makes a series of statements on the school system and the development of learning in children and young people. Tobias Albrecht, director of the Bregenz Schendlingen secondary school, and Matthias Bär, architect, Arbeitsgemeinschaft Schule Schendlingen (studio bär / Bernd Riegger / Querformat) talk about ‘Time & Space’ along with the process of reduction to essentials — for life inside the school and outside, where the school is a neighbourhood centre.

Tobias Albrecht, director of Bregenz Schendlingen secondary school
Matthias Bär, architect, studio bär
Hemma Fasch, architect, fasch&fuchs.architekten, Vienna
Gerald Hüther, neurobiologist and author, Göttingen (D)
The schools in Aspern and Schendlingen, and others

Concept: Lene Benz and Maria Welzig, Az W