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Panel Discussion

Salon Discussion: Josef Frank Accidentally

Moderated by Dietmar Steiner, Director of the Az W

Sat 02.04.2016, 18:00-23:59

Salon Discussion: Josef Frank Accidentally
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With his Accidentism Josef Frank took a stance against everything that the architecture of his time postulated. He consciously designed his environments to look as if they were created at random. His motto was: “One can use everything that can be used.” A position with which Frank has polarised opinions to this day.

Guest speakers: Hermann Czech, Architect and Curator of the exhibition „JOSEF FRANK: Against Design“
Robert Gassner, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture
Christian Knechtl, Architect
Iris Meder, Art and Architecture historian
Karl Sigmund, Curator of the exhibition „Der Wiener Kreis/The Vienna Circle“