Architektur.Film.Sommer 2021

Rural Urbanities

Film Nights in the Az W courtyard

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Wed 11.08.2021, 20:30
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Filmstill „Rettet das Dorf“

Sta(d/t)natur, AT 2020, 03:07 min, German OV. Dir: Franziska Ducklauß, Nikola Jelaciv, Eva Kretzschmar, Erza Rexhepi, Peter Daniel Szvath, Sara Treccarichi Scavuzzo

Sneak preview!
A first look at a film in production.

Everything’s Coming Together While Everything’s Falling Apart: The ZAD, AT/DE 2017, 36:00 min, OV with English subs. Dir: Oliver Ressler
ZAD (the ‘zone to be protected’) emerged in 2012 from resistance by over 40,000 people to the building of an airport, and counts today as Europe’s largest autonomous area, close to the city of Nantes in France.

Circum Stance, BESETZEN, AT 2020, 04:46 min, no dialogue. Dir: Mira Klug
Can a roundabout be blockaded? A humorous drama in the everyday life of motorised traffic.

Rettet das Dorf, AT 2020, 76:00 min, German OV, Dir: Teresa Distelberger
The village (das Dorf): A main square, a grocer’s, a pub and views of fields and farmyards on the periphery. The film shows new perspectives for a more sustainable future in a rural context.