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Architektur.Film.Sommer 2019


Film Night in the Az W courtyard

Wed 28.08.2019, 20:30
Multi-storey building with concrete facade and lettering

Film still from „Der Stoff aus dem die Träume sind“
© Michael Rieper & Lotte Schreiber

Bikes n’ Rails: Solidarität schafft Raum, AT 2019, 7:00 min, original version (German), D: Filmgruppe RPL

Building an entire apartment building without capital — how does that work? The Bikes and Rails construction group is building a house in Vienna’s Sonnwendviertel that belongs solely to itself. The basis is provided by the legal and financial model of habiTAT, which promotes solidarity with a network of self-organised housing projects in Austria. Instead of profit, affordable rents and lifestyle freedom.

Rohbau mit Gerüst und Menschengruppe im Vordergrund

Bikes and Rails
© BikesandRails/Sade Jerabek


Der Stoff aus dem die Träume sind, AT 2019, 75:00 min, original version with English subtitles, D: Michael Rieper & Lotte Schreiber

With five milestones of self-organised and self-administered housing development in Austria, the documentary takes a multifaceted approach to various topics related to cooperative planning processes from 1968 until the present day. We visit the pioneers of the Kooperatives Wohnen passenger car project in Graz-Raaba, meet the architects and original residents of a split-level housing estate in Graz, explore the Gärtnerhof eco-settlement and the Lebensraum estate in Gänserndorf, Lower Austria, talk to residents of a Vienna housing project about the development and planning process, and let the Linz-based WillyFred project activists explain how homes can be bought back from the property market. The film about the protagonists and residents of the various housing projects not only sheds light on their social and socio-economic aspirations, making socio-political statements, but also provides insight into the everyday successes, small and large, the discussions and the conflicts that life in a collective entails.

followed by Q&A with director Lotte Schreiber


Ciao Aracà, DE 2019, 63:00 min, original version with English subtitles, D: Daniel Chisholm

The ageing population of Aracà has to cope with rural flight, a rapidly changing agricultural sector and, not least, with an increasing number of outsiders buying up their village. At the same time, a number of the next generation are looking for ways to stay in their village. The film documents the thought-provoking and emotional handling of time, change, loss and hope among the members of this small community in the Ligurian countryside.

World premiere!

Zwie Männer stehen in einem Wald umgeben von Rauch

Filmstill aus „Ciao Aracà“
© Daniel Chisholm