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Panel Discussion

Reality Check


Wed 03.05.2017, 19:00-21:00

Reality Check
© Karoline Mayer

Does the experiment in housing have a future? The event series “Reality Check” establishes a dialogue between residents, a few years after moving into their dwelling, and the architects. A start is made with Haustrift, a development of paired houses by SUPERBLOCK and Jonny Winter, who planned, among other things, a jointly designed herb and flower meadow. In contrast to this the housing consists of, “paired houses in which all the windows are in the shorter end walls, so that, despite the closeness to the neighbours, privacy is preserved within each individual house.” The houses “can be configured in a variety of ways and can accommodate very different ways of life, living and working.” How do things look in reality?


Andrea B. Braidt, resident
Christiane Erharter, resident
Christoph Mörkl, architect, SUPERBLOCK
Verena Mörkl, architect, SUPERBLOCK
Presenter: Angelika Fitz, Director Az W