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Guided Tour

Public Walk 3: Lean against the city – Counters in the City

a project by Freiraumexperimente and Fritz/Frassl

Sat 04.12.2010, Daily 10:00 AM - 07:00 PM, Wednesdays until 09:00 PM

Public Walk 3: Lean against the city – Counters in the City
© Manfred Schwaba

A series of 4 Public Walks accompanies the exhibition, each of which begins with a brief guided tour of the exhibition by the curator and then continues in public space.

There are many counters in Vienna that go unnoticed, counters that are ideal for leaning on and provide an unexpected view of the city. These ‘counters’ are actually electric switch boxes, grit containers or discarded stands. As an alternative to the privatisation of public space by innumerable Christmas markets we undertake an Advent expedition together, heading at random to a number of such counters to demonstrate their new function as bar counters by serving mulled wine and punch at them.

guided tour: Manfred Schwaba, landscape planner, 16th District Gebietsbetreuung (local supervisor)