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The Productive City

Az W on Site

Fri 26.04.2019, 14:00-18:00
A man stands elevated and speaks to a group of people; on the right a tower made of red containers

The Wiener Schneckenmanufaktur in Favoriten (left) and the Standpunkt Liesing landmark (right)
© Michael Schön, Barbara Dür (left) © photograph: H. Mitter (right)

How much of what we consume is still produced in Vienna? During a bus tour from Liesing to Simmering, experts explain why the strengthening of the manufacturing sector is so important for sustained urban development.

New housing is shooting out of the ground in Vienna, as Vienna is growing. But what is the situation like in the industrial sector, in the commercial sector and in the agricultural sector? Who supplies the urban sprawl of Vienna and how are Vienna’s enterprises doing? A technical concept developed for Vienna, the ‘productive city’, describes which areas need safeguarding, how business locations can be improved, or how entire city districts can be mixed. Among other places, we visit Standpunkt Liesing, a snail farmer in Favoriten and a firm in Simmering, and ask questions.


With: Experts from planning departments, industry and agriculture

Concept: Anneke Essl, Az W