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Panel Discussion

Planning Advice

Presentation and Panel Discussion

Wed 07.05.2008, 19:00-21:00

Planning Advice

in german

“I had a dream: Once upon a time there was a planning board that succeeded in establishing a productive basis for discussion with the architects of the city, in convincing developers of the existential significance of architecture for the local community, in forcing the politicians of all fractions to outdo themselves in expertise and seriousness, even in seducing the conservation authorities into making fact-based decisions and so making them a constructive partner in discussions. This planning board never tired, nor did it ever lose its patience and was still capable of brilliant written appraisals after the long sessions.” (Friedrich Achleitner on the first Austrian planning board in Salzburg, established in 1983)


Paul Raspotnig, presentation of the ‘Planning Board’ principle and the website
Ursula Spannberger, 25 years of the Salzburg planning board

Panel guests

Rudolf Schicker, Executive Councillor for Urban Development and Traffic
Ursula Spannberger, architect, planning boards’ member
Rüdiger Lainer, architect, chair of the Fachbeirat Wien
Paul Raspotnig, expert for planning boards

moderated by Barbara Feller, Architekturstiftung Österreich

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