Peter Stutchbury. Tracing Pathways

work presentation

Fri 18.11.2011, 19:00-21:00

Peter Stutchbury. Tracing Pathways
© Michael Nicholson

a cooperation by Vienna Art Week with the Az W

An equal relationship between economic building, creativity and adaptation to local conditions provides the leitmotif for the architecture of Peter Stutchbury, who with Glen Murcutt is one of the six founding members of the Architecture Foundation Australia. The focus of Stutchbury’s work is on engaging with the indigenous population, having undertaken research in Australia, Africa and Asia. The buildings completed in this period, such as Israel House, the New Design Faculty and Art Gallery/ Newcastle University and a number of apartment buildings, are the result of his field trips.

Since 1981 Stutchbury has been active as a professor of architecture and design at various universities worldwide. He sees buildings as “rooms of education — the bridge between walking in the bush and wandering through the mind”. In his talk about his works Peter Stutchbury will be presenting an understanding of architecture that harmonises building and the natural environment.

7pm Brigitte Eisl, Az W, welcome address
7.10pm Peter Stutchbury, architect, lecture: Tracing Pathways

held in English