Presentation & discussion

Park ’n’ Play

Az W On The Road in aspern Seestadt

Thu 27.06.2024, 17:00-20:00
Harbour area in a city with red-coloured building in the foreground

Parking house + Lüders sports roof by JAJA Architects
© Photograph: Rasmus Hjortshøj — COAST Studio

The open-air event in Elinor-Ostrom-Park is an invitation for local residents and experts to talk about outdoor spaces for the public — especially for young people. Two international landscape architecture firms provide stimulating input.

Where and how can recreational outdoor spaces be created for the future in dense urban fabric? In Copenhagen, JAJA Architects have transformed the roof of a multi-storey car park into a public play and exercise area that soars 24 metres above the city and providing new vistas. La Linea is the name of Uniola’s design for the ‘green thread’ of Seestadt, which will become a designated ‘play street’ for everyone.

The open-air lectures and talks in the park are accompanied by local catering and a wide range of physical activities and games.

17:00: Sports, games and picnic in the park

18:30 Presentations:
Jakob Steen Christensen, JAJA Architects, Copenhagen
Evelyn Quarz, Uniola AG, Zurich

Moderated by Kurt Hofstetter, Speaker for Strategic Projects and International Affairs, City of Vienna, MA 50

A cooperation by the Az W with Wien 3420 aspern Development AG