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Participatory Performance by BLA

Overruling Landscapes

Wed 21.03.2018, 19:00-19:45
Menschen in Schutzanzügen

Overruling Landscapes
© Photograph: Jo Hloch

Join us! We'll bring you to safety.

The participatory performance by BLA will shake you awake and open your eyes to the rules that govern our surroundings, so-called ‘free’ space. When there is a whistle and a flash these rules become audible and visible. However absolute safety is an illusion. The visual impact of the flood of regulations and standards is also visible in places where they are not recognisable and restrict the scope of the design, far worse though, they restrict all of our freedom to act. We uncover the organisational rules and blow the trumpet on the safety madness! Blast with us! (Safety clothing and protective glasses are provided.)

With: Hanne Gröblacher, Lilli Lička, Karoline Seywald, BLA,