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Old Like New Workshop 17.05.

Architekturtage 2014 (architecture days)

Sat 17.05.2014, 15:00-23:59

Old Like New Workshop 16.05.
© FH Spittal in Kärnten

Architekturtage 2014 (architecture days)

Under the motto “Old Now New” the Architekturtage (architecture days) will be held throughout Austria on 16 + 17 May 2014. In the Az W admission to the exhibitions “Think Global, Build Social!” and “a_schau” is free of charge and children’s workshops are offered for the youngest of those with an interest in architecture.

Old Like New Workshop

(6-12 years old)
The exhibition “Think Global, Build Social!” shows alternative architecture projects. Clay, brick and bamboo are used as well as concrete and a number of rarer materials. Which are the traditional construction materials, which are the new ones? What are their particular qualities? And what kinds of solutions are produced? After a tour of the exhibition we experiment and build with clay, brick or concrete.

Reservations required for workshop participation: T +43 1 522 31 15 or