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Panel discussion

“Oh, du mein Österreich!”

Spatial Planning and Everyday Reality

Wed 24.02.2021, Online event starts at 19:00
green fields and parking zone from bird's eye view

Sealed soil: parking lots instead of farmland

"Spatial planning is the planned design of an area. It aims to safeguard and ensure the best possible use of living space in the public interest, taking into account the natural conditions and the assessable economic, social, health and cultural needs of the population along with respect for the free development of the personality within the community." (Sbg. ROG 2009)

The extent to which this objective can be achieved with the existing set of rules and regulations and the Austrian mindset will be discussed here. In contrast to most European countries, Austria does not have a federal spatial planning laws. Spatial planning in this country is fragmented into many, partly overlapping sub-divisions with different responsibilities and objectives. So how can successful, space-saving and soil-conserving spatial planning be implemented? What should the country look like in the future, and who can and should bear the responsibility?

Guest speakers:
Ulrike Böker, Green Party Member of the Upper Austrian State Parliament
Heinrich Dorner, state advisory council for, inter alia, spatial planning in Burgenland
Theresa Mai, member of the executive board, Dorfschmiede für nachhaltige Lebensräume eG
Martin Strele, Bodenfreiheit, Verein zur Erhaltung von Freiräumen
Gerlind Weber, university professor (retired), Institute of Spatial Planning, Environmental Planning and Land Rearrangement, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU Wien)
Moderated by Katharina Ritter

The event will be broadcast online. Click here!