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Open Day, walks, discussions

Nordbahn-Halle Open Day

To accompany the Architekturtage 2019

Sat 25.05.2019, from 13:00
disused one-storey railway station building with a meadow in the foreground

Nordbahn-Halle, 2017
© photograph: Markus Fattinger Architekturfotografie

To accompany the exhibition 'Critical Care' and for the Architecture Days, together with the TU Wien we invite you to the Nordbahn-Halle for an interim summary under the title Raum Macht Klima, which also engages with ecologies.

As the central element for the three-year Mischung Nordbahnhof project, the Nordbahn-Halle has been transformed into the Impulslab, a ‘stimulus laboratory’ for cultural, social and economic uses.


13:00 Tour of the Nordbahn-Halle Impulslab

15:00 Space for a “small productive” tour
with Mirjam Mieschendahl, imgrä

16:00 News about the Freie Mitte at the Nordbahnhof
Tour with Lina Streeruwitz, StudioVlayStreeruwitz

17:00 mixed use Talk: Mischung: Nordbahnhof & departure
with international guests, local residents and active participants

19:30 The Viennese Climate — How Eco-friendly Is The City’s Growth?
Closing discussion for the Architekturtage Wien

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