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NO LIMITS — Breaking Boundaries

Workshop for children aged 6+ in cooperation with Science Center as part of the grenzgenial network project.

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Sun 27.06.2010, 14:00-16:00

NO LIMITS — Breaking Boundaries
© Az W

Boundaries and restrictions are manifested in our everyday lives by barriers, fences, spaces and even laws of nature or of the state.

What are these boundaries for? Which ones can we dismantle, which ones have to be overcome?

Boundaries as protection: The skin serves us well as the boundary of our body but it cannot protect us from cold or wind. With practical exercises we experience our own physical boundaries.

Boundaries as the norm: Who are our buildings built for? Are they available for anybody to use or are certain people excluded from doing so? When, for instance, does a stairwell become a boundary? We test this out as a group together.

In the practical part of the workshop we go forward to the year 2317. The population is running out of space on the earth, new habitats have to be found. What are the new boundaries when we want to build homes on the ocean bed, for example, in outer space or under the ground. What do the skin, clothes and architecture protect us from then? We pursue this question while building in unknown atmospheres.

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