Panel Discussion

Natives of the Mühlviertel and Innviertel Districts

and a Reason to Celebrate

Fri 20.05.2005, 19:00-21:00

Natives of the Mühlviertel and Innviertel Districts
© Christoph Herzberger

Stirring news from the provinces! In the federal state of Upper Austria quite a lot seems to be happening in the building world. A number of books documenting this phenomenon prove that, even outside the economically dominant triangle described by the local towns of Linz, Wels and Steyr, a new, contemporary architecture is developing. Parallel to this a variety of local spontaneous and informal architecture mediation initiatives have sprung up that aim at establishing paths of communication between the population at large, clients, architects, and decision-makers, and that also help instigate the necessary discourse in the public realm.

Has Upper Austria perhaps found an answer to the question about the optimal conditions for the development of good architecture?
A number of protagonists from the scene will discuss this topic together with Friedrich Achleitner.

The Panel

Friedrich Achleitner, writer and architectural historian
Reinhard Burgstaller, editor-in-chief of the Rieder Rundschau
Sieglinde and Josef Groiss, clients, Schlägl
Josef Mühlbacher, former mayor of Polling im Innkreis
Veronika Müller, Verein 4fff – vier-frauen-fahren-fort
Romana Ring, director of Architekturforum OÖ
Walter Werschnig, publisher of ”Hausverstand”
Moderation: Dietmar Steiner, Director Az W