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Summer opens at the MQ

Thu 17.05.2018, 15:00-22:00

MQ Sommeröffnung 2018
© MQ, Rosebud Inc.

17:00 Liquid Stone — children’s workshop (ages 6-12)

Concrete is both strong and flexible at the same time, it makes it possible for us to build the craziest shapes, which are still stable. Concrete is as old as the Romans, and many buildings would be unthinkable without it. However no other material is as controversial as concrete. In the meantime, as well as standard concrete there are also high-strength concretes used, for example, in shipbuilding, or lightweight concrete for insulation. What makes concrete so versatile, and what can it be used for? We help you to get the mixture right, too: We take cement, sand, water and gravel to make our own concrete objects.

18:00 guided tour of the exhibition ‘a_show. Austrian Architecture in the 20th and 21st Centuries’

19:30 guided tour of the exhibition ‘SOS Brutalism’