Movie Night: Build Social! Viennese Projects

A cooperative undertaking between akku/ and the Az W

Wed 26.03.2014, 19:00-21:00

Movie Night: Build Social! Viennese Projects
© Kurt Kuball / gaupenraub+/-: VinziRast-mittendrin, Wien/Vienna (A), 2013

akku is the name of a TV magazine for urbanity, architecture, the design of open space and urban renewal shown on The first broadcast in the new series was created in cooperation with the Az W and is devoted to socially committed building in Vienna. The programme will look at the Viennese projects in the exhibition “Think Global, Build Social!”, the screening will be accompanied by discussions with architects involved. Transmission and web presence in the Oktothek from 14.04.2014, 9.30pm.

Presentation akku:
Manuela Hötzl, presenter akku / Andrea Seidling, akku/

Peter Fattinger, Studio TU Vienna
Alexander Hagner and Ulrike Schartner, gaupenraub +/-

Chairperson of the discussions:
Sonja Pisarik, curator focus on Austria, Az W

Admission free