Movie night: Awe, shock, indifference

the appearance of Vienna in the years 1938/45 in amateur and instructional films

Wed 27.05.2015, 19:00-21:00

Movie night: Awe, shock, indifference
© Wien März 1938, Anonyme Amateuraufnahme (Österreichisches Filmmuseum)

A cooperation between the Az W and the Österreichisches Filmmuseum

There are other images than those in propaganda films such as “Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer”“. In some cases using a concealed camera, in others with open and enthusiastic complicity private persons – but also institutions such as the Viennese police – documented the attacks during the spectacles in March and April 1938. But the powerful images of these visual memories contrast with disturbing film documents – images of a city to which, apparently, normality has returned and everything seems to proceed as usual. This raises on the one hand the question about what is absent from the filmic perception of the local Nazi regime, while on the other it touches on the possibly over-determined narratives of the ubiquitous terror and its visual presence, which ultimately relate to the architecture and planning projects.

This event will present for the most part unofficial film documents from the collection of the Österreichisches Filmmuseum and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, which have been processed in the framework of the research project “Ephemere Filme: Nationalsozialismus in Österreich” (funded by the Zukunftsfonds of the Republic of Austria).


Siegfried Mattl, Historian
Ingo Zechner, Historian and Philosopher

Moderated by

Ingo Zechner, Historian and Philosopher

„in memoriam Siegfried Mattl (1954 – 2015)“

100 Meter Schulchronik (1937). Amateurfilm, Walter Nitsche, 9,5mm, s/w, stumm, 16fps, 7:37 Minuten. Österreichisches Filmmuseum (0901-09-0203), EF-NS_061_OeFM.

Amateuraufnahmen Wien, Frühjahr 1938 (1938). Amateurfilm, Walter Nitsche. 9,5mm, s/w, stumm, 16fps, 10:18 Minuten, Österreichisches Filmmuseum (0901-09-0174), EF-NS_011_OeFM.

Baker Family Films: Austria, Family and Hitler (1937-1938). Amateurfilm, Ross Baker. 16mm, s/w, stumm, 18fps, 16:56 Minuten, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (FV2828), EF-NS_041_USHMM.

Ab 1. Juli rechts fahren! (1938). Erziehungsfilm. 35mm, s/w, Ton (Deutsch), 24fps, 1:45 Minuten. Österreichisches Filmmuseum (0011-03-0180), EF-NS_033_OeFM.

Perlen der Ostmark (Amazone Strümpfe) (1938). Industriefilm / Werbefilm, Rudolf Mayer, 35mm, s/w, Ton (Deutsch), 24fps, 3:28 Minuten. Österreichisches Filmmuseum (0011-03-0073), EF-NS_034_OeFM.

Aus deutschen Gauen: Wien (1938). Kulturfilm, Frank Rossak, Mario Wiberal. 35mm, s/w, stumm, 24fps, 10:10 Minuten, Österreichisches Filmmuseum (0011-02-0180), EF-NS_035_OeFM.

Monson Collection: Vienna, 1938 (1938). Amateurfilm, Lafayette P. Monson, 35mm (blow-up from 16mm), color, stumm, 18fps, 0:47 Minuten. Österreichisches Filmmuseum (0002-03-1060), EF-NS_057_OeFM.

Admission free!