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Lecture and Response

MMBB architects

IBA_Wien meets Architects #11

Wed 30.06.2021, 19:00-21:00
View on big city with pool in the roof

Paulo Mendes da Rocha and MMBB architects: SESC 24 de Maio, São Paulo, Brazil, 2017
© photograph: Nelson Kon

In Red Vienna, socio-cultural infrastructure was integrated in the planning of new residential districts — how can this tried and tested practice be transferred for today? The fifth event in this series is dedicated to the topic of coexistence in the city.

A swimming pool, a library, a medical centre, a canteen, a cinema, a theatre, an exhibition space and spaces for dancing and sports — all stacked on 14 floors. MMBB architects, together with Pritzker Prize winner Paulo Mendes da Rocha, transformed a former department store in downtown São Paolo into the SESC 24 de Maio leisure centre with cultural and sports facilities. A passageway extends the public space into the interior of the building and extends to the swimming pool on the roof. The project provides inspiration in dealing with the increasing vacancy of commercial infrastructure, presenting an architecture of coexistence combining culture, social interaction and sports.

Marta Moreira, MMBB architects, São Paolo

Heribert Wolfmayr & Josef Saller, heri&salli, Vienna

Moderated by Wojciech Czaja

A cooperation by the Az W with IBA_Vienna — New Social Housing

The event will also be broadcast live. Click here.