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My Quarter Follows Rules?

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Fri 16.03.2018, 15:00-17:00
Apartment building with a park in the background

Innumerable rules impact on the planning at Nordbahnhof too
© Photograph: Herta Hurnaus

Two planning offices have moved to a new quarter of Vienna, the Nordbahnhof: einszueins Architektur and YEWO Landscapes. In the company of local experts, we pursue the relationship between the law and design together.

The appearance of streets, buildings and parks is the result of creative and frequently competition-tested design work. To what extent it is also determined by laws, regulations, guidelines and standards is hidden from the layperson. We use experts’ knowledge to find out how building regulations and housing subsidisation is legible on the façades, where the fire brigade participates in the planning and how much risk is actually legally permissible on municipal playgrounds.

With: Domink Scheuch, YEWO Landscapes, and Markus Zilker, einszueins architektur

Moderated by Anneke Essl, Az W